2nd Hollywood Screening of “New Slang” was Huge Success!

Congratulations again to the “New Slang” gang! La’Princess alongside cast mates; Chance Harlem Jr. & Troy Curvey headed to the world famous Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA a second time for the screening More »


“New Slang” Screening in Hollywood, CA!

Independent filmmakers came together Saturday night for Joseph Alvarez & Dave Brown’s Indie Night event at the TCL Theater in Hollywood, CA. La’Princess was in attendance as “New Slang” screened after Salli Richardson-Whitfield’s bio-play More »

Watch “When a Woman’s Fed Up” today!

“When a Woman’s Fed Up” now available at Red Box, Netflix and your local Wal-Mart. Visit websites for availability! More »

New Slang

Let 2014 begin…with “New Slang!” La’Princess first project of the year was a short comedy skit about a guy who gets caught up in a lie after his girlfriend catches him texting More »

Pick ‘n Roll Picked-up by Punch TV Network

From YouTube to your TV tube…make way for “Pick ‘n Roll” the series. After shooting the web-series in early 2012, executive producer Lee Morris, worked out an exclusive deal with Punch TV Network More »

La’Princess Jackson Announced in New 2015 Action Film “The Hills”

Bring it on 2015! Let the projects begin for La’Princess as she finishes off 2014 strong and enters the new year with a new role. La’Princess has been cast in the new feature film “The Hills” written & directed by Stephen Josey. La’Princess will play “Doctor Simmons” and support an all-star cast once again, alongside actors; Trae Ireland, Omar Gooding, Clifton Powell, Charles Malik Whitfield and Claudia Jordan. Production is set to start filming in February 2015.

CLICK HERE: “The Hills” Cast Announced

Ronnie DeVoe’s Scorpio Birthday Bash

It’s a celebration! La’Princess joined friend Ronnie DeVoe of New Edition/BBD Sunday night to celebrate his birthday, among others in Sherman Oaks, CA. Check out the pics from the event below:

LAFW 2014

Check out this recent interview of La’Princess with The Hollywood Elevator Magazine on the red carpet of the 2014 Style Fashion Week event.

“TVone’s “Hollywood Divas” Red-Carpet Premiere

La’Princess Jackson at the Hollywood premiere of “Hollywood Divas.”


            Catch “Hollywood Divas” each Wednesday night on TVone at 10p/9p cst. Stay tuned – you may or may not catch La’Princess in a later episode of the new hit reality show.

The success of “Hollywood Divas” could potentially lead to the pilot premiere of “White Sista’s” starring the divas themselves. La’Princess played the role of “Young Stone” in the show Keep checking in for more details.


CASTING: La’Princess Now Seeking Actors for 2nd Short Film

Following the amazing filming success of short film Last Call, La’Princess and the gang are gearing up for project #2 of the year. A new suspenseful/thriller story tentatively titled “The Painting’s of John Daniels.” Casting will take place early October in Hollywood. Breakdowns are listed below, please submit your headshot/resume & acting reel via Actors Access. Break a leg!


Non-Union Short Film

[JOHN DANIELS] Male / Lead / Caucasian / 28 – 40
Description: John is in his mid to late 30’s and is a very shy, timid & hard working entry-level worker. He’s very anti-social and stays to himself. He stays alone in a one bedroom apartment and has no girlfriend, no kids and lives a pretty born life. He goes to work, comes home, watch a little television and paints. He works for a computer programming company as a programming associate. He does all the work for the manager of the branch, but the manager takes all the credit for his work. John is very passive and lets people run over him. After he discovers a brutal murder, his life instantly changes and things begin to look up for him….BUT only as long as he keeps his secret.

[MARLENE COLFAX] Female / Lead / Caucasian / 25 – 35
Description: Marlene is a very beautiful, sexy and cool woman. The scary part is Marlene is actually a demon sent down by the devil to take John’s mind off of what he seen. In John’s eye, Marlene is the perfect and model type of woman that continues to sweep him off his feet. Marlene must know how to speak either French or Italian **(If you don’t know how to speak either languages, don’t panic. She only has a few lines speaking French or Italian, so if you’re willing to learn, please submit)** She instantly steals John’s heart and he falls in love with her. Marlene is sweet but also has a side of her that is very tough.

[DAN ”SATAN” ANDERSON] Male / Supporting / Caucasian / 28 – 45
Description: Dan must be evil, slick, smooth, witty and very scary. At the beginning of the film he is Satan in his rare form, scary and demonic looking. However, throughout the film he will be in human form, very attractive but with a eerie overtone …looking for Freddy Kruger like actor with a evil but slick persona. Think Peter Stormare of Constantine meets Robert Englund from Nightmare on Elm St. Lucifer is a very attractive man but scary looking.

[DETECTIVE MORRIS] Male / Supporting / Caucasian / 35 – 50
Description: A gritty, tough & old school detective. Very determined to crack every case he’s assigned to. He’s a stressed looking detective who looks like he gets no sleep. He’s always working and feels that John knows what happen the night of the murder. Morris is a well built officer with a super detective look. He’s the best homicide detective on his force.

[JIM DOUGLAS] Male / Supporting / Caucasian / 30 – 45
Description: A mean, sarcastic asshole supervisor who picks on John for no reason. He makes John stay hours after his shift to correct all the mistakes he (Jim) makes in accounting and other duties. Jim has an Italian or French look to him. Jim has a lot of money and his career is built off of bullying his employees and forcing them to do more work than is expected.

[DENISE DANIELS] Female / Supporting / Caucasian / 18-20
Description: Daughter of John & Marlene. A teenage girl with no filter on her mouth. Not afraid to speak her mind.

[DAN DANIELS] Male / Supporting / Caucasian / 18-20
Description: Sixteen year old son of John & Marlene. Confesses a secret to his family in which he is extremely proud of. Actor must be 18 TLY.

[MARY HENSON] Female / Day Player / Caucasian / 25 – 35
Description: Mary is a news reporter. She is a beautiful, proper speaking woman. 1 scene/1 paragraph

[MRS. BRAXTON] Female / Day Player / Caucasian / 25-35
Description: Wife of victim Nicolas Braxton who is interviewed by news reporters. Actress will need to be able to cry on-screen. 1 scene/1 paragraph